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Bagley Glass

Bowl / Nappy, Bagley Glass, Katherine, Frosted Glass /Silver, Vintage

Bowl / Nappy, Bagley Glass, Katherine, Frosted Glass /Silver, Vintage

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  • Pattern:  Candy Dish / Nappy, Glass and Silver, Bagley Glass, Katherine Pattern (Discontinued)
  • Made in England 
  • Vintage:  1950 - 1975
  • Details:  This is a very nice "nappy" dish, frosted glass in the Katherine pattern, #3182 (sometimes seen as Catherine) by Bagley Glass.  It is one of their "Art Deco" designs but it was introduced in the 1950's. The pattern consists of a beautiful frosted, ruffled band with a clear glass band underneath decorated with applied glass floral dots.  The center/bottom has a very nice Sunburst style cut.  The dish has a silver plate base/pedestal which is stamped: "Made in England".  If you're just looking for a beautiful, Art Deco style dish, this is a great choice.  If you're a collector of Bagley glass, we hope this piece is a perfect addition to your collection.  We think besides being great for serving nuts, olives, candy or other small items, it could also be used on a dressing table, by the front door for keys, for a round soap in the bathroom, you could actually put a pillar candle in it and use it as a candle holder, beautiful!
  • Material:  Pressed Glass
  • Dimensions:  5.0 inches in Diameter, and 2.0 inches Tall
  • Condition:  Vintage - Used.  Very Good Vintage Condition.  There are no scratches or chips, however, there is some discoloration and/or stain underneath the silver plated base, looks like the "glue" has turned dark,  the last picture is magnified to clearly show the stain.  Please review all pictures and make sure you love this item before purchasing, we can't accept returns.  Please remember these are VINTAGE and ANTIQUE items, they are NOT new, every effort has been made to show any scratches, wear and tear and imperfections.  

"Nappy", when used in reference to antique glassware, means that it's a shallow open serving dish with no rim and a flat bottom.   Typically it defines a small bowl, with or without one or two handles.   The term is commonly used to identify small bowls when referring to Depression glass and antique china.  The nappies that are small in size are great as nut & candy dishes. The larger sized nappies are popular for serving desserts.

Bagley Glass was founded in 1871 by William Bagley, along with his cousins John W. Bagley, and John Wild, originally started as a glass bottle factory in in Knottingley, England.  In 1912 Bagley Glass branched out into leaded crystal and pressed glassware under the name "The Crystal Glass Company".  For the first 2 years they produced true lead crystal, later, their pressed glassware was sold as "crystal" but it didn't actually contain any lead.  Early on the “crystal” was produced only in flint or clear glass, and the range of products was limited to everyday articles such as beer glasses, sugar bowls, butter dishes, cream jugs and plain table sets.  By the 1920's to 1930's and even after the war, Bagley had become a major manufacturer of art deco pressed glass.  The company’s greatest achievements are considered to have been made from 1933 and later, when Bagley introduced a series of excellent art deco designs such as the Wyndham, Grantham, Whitby, and York patterns in a range of clear and frosted pastel colors.  By the late 1950's both of William Bagley’s sons had died, in 1962 Bagley Glass was taken over by Jackson Brothers Glass Company of Knottingley.  Jackson Brothers retained the name “The Crystal Glass Company” and continued producing the associated patterns for several years.  Rockware Glass Company of Greenford in England started increasing their shareholdings in Jackson Brothers until, by 1968, they had a controlling interest.  The factory continued operations until 1976, but eventually ceased production due to a variety of factors including a shortage of skilled glass workers and competition from other glassware manufacturers.

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