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Cristal d'Arques

Serving Bowl, Cristal D'Arques-Durand, Antique Clear, Glass

Serving Bowl, Cristal D'Arques-Durand, Antique Clear, Glass

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  • Pattern:  Glass Bowl, Antique Clear by Cristal D'Arques-Durand, (Discontinued)
  • Made in USA 
  • Vintage:  1990 - 2010
  • Details:  This wonderful clear glass bowl, it has a very nice pattern, originally sold by Luminarc and continued to be sold under the brand Cristal D'Arques-Durand starting 1990, but was discontinued in 2010.  The pattern is called "Antique - Clear", it was also made in colors like ruby red, emerald green and amethyst.  The pattern is considered Vintage because it was introduced in 1990, however, this bowl could be more recent.  It features a very intricate design with lots of cut diamonds and palm fronds under pointed arches, plus a very large starburst on the base.  It is embossed "USA" and a number "24" on the bottom.  This is a very beautiful serving bowl, originally sold as a serving bowl or salad bowl, it's very deep and will work to serve many other foods, as well as for decor.  It will make an elegant statement on your dinner or buffet table.    
  • Material:  Pressed Glass
  • Dimensions:  10.25 inches in Diameter (top opening), 4.0 inches Tall
  • Condition:  Vintage - Used.  Excellent Condition, there are no chips, or scratches, shows very little wear, if at all.  Please review all pictures and make sure you love this item before purchasing, we can't accept returns.  Please remember these are USED items, they are NOT new, every effort has been made to show any scratches, wear and tear and imperfections. 

Arc International was founded in 1825 by a Frenchman called Alexander des Lyons de Noircarm in 1825 in the village of Arques in northern France.  From 1897 onwards, the company was dominated by the Durand family, who eventually purchased the firm entirely in 1926. Today, the family continues to be the sole proprietors.  Through the years they have grown, they've invented different types of glass and expanded their lines and brands which include: Luminarc (launched in 1948), Arcoroc (launched in 1963), Cristal d'Arques (launched in Europe in 1968), Chef & Sommelier (launched in 2008), and Arcopal (1958).  They have bought and sold many other brands like Pyrex (from 2005 - 2014) and even owned Mikasa from 2000-2008.

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