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Pilgrim Glass

Pitcher, Pilgrim Art Glass, Amberina Rock Crystal, Hand Blown, Vintage

Pitcher, Pilgrim Art Glass, Amberina Rock Crystal, Hand Blown, Vintage

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  • Pattern: Rock Crystal Amberina Hand Blown Glass
  • Made in: Ceredo, West Virginia, USA
  • Vintage: 1960's
  • Details:  This is a beautiful Amberina (red/orange/yellow) pitcher from Pilgrim Glass Company.  The color is Amberina which is red on top and gradually lightens to yellow/orange. The piece features their Rock Crystal pattern which combined with the Amberina color makes a beautiful combination.  It also features a hand applied clear handle.  It has a finished pontil mark on the bottom.  Because these pieces were hand blown, there are no manufacturer's marks, however, after researching, we feel confident this is a Pilgrim Glass piece.  These are highly collectible Amberina glass pieces, they will brighten any area of your home.  Pilgrim Glass is highly desirable for its quality and design. This is a small pitcher, please note the dimensions below.
  • Materials: Glass 
  • Dimensions: 4.0 inches Tall, 3.0 inches Wide (at its widest point), top opening is approx. 1.0 inch in Diameter. 
  • Condition:  Vintage - Used.  Excellent Condition.  There are no chips, cracks or any other defects on this piece.  Please review all pictures and make sure you love this item before purchasing, we can't accept returns.  Please remember these are VINTAGE and ANTIQUE items, they are NOT new, every effort has been made to show any scratches, wear and tear and imperfections. 

Amberina was originally developed by New England Glass Company in 1883.  It is a type of glass with gradient color that starts out red at the top of the piece and changes to amber at the bottom. Sometimes the colors are reversed, featuring the red at the bottom of an item; but that doesn't happen too often.  Variations in hue range from lighter shades that look almost pastel pink and yellow to rich, deep tones of ruby red and amber.  A large number of different companies issued pieces in Amberina glass beginning in the late 1800's and continuing into the early 20th century.

Pilgrim Glass Co. was founded in 1949 when Alfred Knobler purchased the failing Tri State Glass Manufacturing Company in Huntington, West Virginia.  In 1956, he built another production facility, located several miles away in Ceredo, West Virginia and that's they stayed.  All their glass pieces have always been hand-blown, starting with crackle glass which they produced until the late 1960's.  Pilgrim is also well known for their glass animal pieces which were designed by the Moretti brothers who emigrated from Italy and were hired by Pilgrim in the 1950's.  In 1968 Pilgrim Glass introduced Cranberry glass which was a combination of lead oxide and real gold, and since not many glass manufacturers attempted this combination, Pilgrim became the largest producer of cranberry glass in the world. Through the years they continued to introduce more glass finishes and more colors.  In the 1980's and 1990's, Pilgrim was one of the few glasshouses still producing cobalt glass, another toxic color.  In 1985, Pilgrim introduced the Masterwork collection consisting mostly of vases and columns over 30 inches in height.  In 1992, Pilgrim purchased the molds from Phoenix and Consolidated glass which had been designed by Reuben Haley.  They didn't lose any time in re-issuing some of these very famous works.  After a steady decline in sales, and Alfred Knobler's desire to retire, Pilgrim Glass was put up for sale, unable to find a buyer, Pilgrim Glass closed on April 1, 2002.

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