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Bartlett Collins

Beer Schooner, Bartlett Collins Thumbprint Swirl Green Glass, Vintage, SOLD

Beer Schooner, Bartlett Collins Thumbprint Swirl Green Glass, Vintage, SOLD

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  • Pattern: Vintage Beer Glass / Schooner, Bartlett Collins Thumbprint Swirl, Green Glass - (Discontinued)
  • Made in USA
  • Vintage: 1950's - 1960's
  • Details:  Bartlett Collins is well known for this Thumbprint pattern, they made it in clear and colors, later adding different styles/decals to the same glass shape. These are known as Schooner Glasses, designed for drinking beer, this one has a very pretty green color with indented circles (thumbprints) all along the bottom of the bowl, and the glass has nice swirls all around.  This is pressed glass and has two mold seams.  Perfect for your St Patrick's Day beer, Easter or Spring table setting.  Great for holding lemons and limes on your bar.
  • Material:  Glass
  • Dimensions:  6.0 inches Tall, 3.75 inches in Diameter (top opening), 3.25 inches (foot). Holds 14 oz.
  • Condition: Vintage - Used.  Excellent Vintage Condition.  There are no chips, or other defects on these pieces. Please review all pictures and make sure you love this item before purchasing, we can't accept returns.  Please remember these are VINTAGE and ANTIQUE items, they are NOT new, every effort has been made to show any scratches, wear and tear and imperfections.  

Bartlett-Collins was started in 1914 in Oklahoma when H.U. Bartlett, an Oklahoma oil man, teamed up with George F. Collins, an East Coast glass man (owner of Premium Glass Co), and formed Bartlett-Collins Glass Co.  The company was well known for its hand-pressed and blown tableware, stemware, and kitchenware and kitchen lamps.  In 1918, Bartlett and Collins had a falling out and Collins took over one of the plants which became Liberty Glass Co.  Liberty Glass, meanwhile, concentrated on milk bottles. Even that soon changed with the addition of soda bottles. After years of continual shifting, both firms finally settled into long-term production patterns. Although Collins had left, the name 'Collins' was kept because his son, J.W. Collins, remained the vice president.  In 1929, the word 'Glass' was dropped from the name and the firm became Bartlett-Collins Co.  By the 1930's Bartlett-Collins was making the stemware, all by hand, in different colors like: pink, green and amber.  However, by 1941, due to the high costs, all hand made glass production had ceased.  In 1982, the Lancaster Colony Corp. acquired Bartlett-Collins but kept the name. Lancaster Colony was the parent company of Indiana Glass. Bartlett-Collins made mold blown glass items for Indiana Glass and Tiara Exclusives. Bartlett-Collins continued to operate in Sapulpa until 2008 when Anchor Hocking Co. purchased the property and closed down the plant.  There were many popular products made in the Sapulpa plant and are highly collectible today including: cookie jars, drinkware, stemware, serving dishes, kerosene lamps, and decorative pieces such as bowls and vases.

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