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O & E.G

Decorative Bowl, O & E.G, Royal Austria, Hand Painted Grapes, Antique

Decorative Bowl, O & E.G, Royal Austria, Hand Painted Grapes, Antique

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  • Pattern:  Antique, Decorative Bowl, Hand Painted Grapes: Purple, Green and Red Grapes
  • Made in Austria
  • Antique: 1898 - 1918
  • Details:  An absolutely gorgeous decorative bowl by the highly regarded factory of O & E.G. (Oscar & Edgar Gutherz).  It is Hand-Painted with three different colored grapes; there's purple grapes, green grapes and red grapes plus a couple of large grape leaves.  The background is very interesting, it is a mustard yellow and green on top, then it lightens, ever so slightly, towards the bottom, turning into a light yellow.  The bowl has textural dotted embossing all around the border plus a very pretty swirl design on the rim.  This company didn't name all their patterns, this one does not have a name.  It is stamped on the back with the green hallmark wreath and the word ‘Royal’ in the middle and Austria at the bottom.  This is a highly desired and collectible bowl.  It is anywhere from 102 to 122 years old, a true treasure and in excellent condition!
  • Material:  Porcelain
  • Dimensions: 8.0 inches in Diameter, 1.5 inches Tall
  • Condition:  Antique - Used.   Excellent condition.  We could find no chips, cracks, or scratches on this piece.  There is a little bit of the gold paint showing on the back rim, photographed for you but this is really minor.  Please review all pictures and make sure you love this item before purchasing, we can't accept returns.  Please remember these are VINTAGE and ANTIQUE items, they are NOT new, every effort has been made to show scratches, wear and tear and imperfections.

The O. & E.G. company started in Altrolau, Bohemia in 1884 by Oscar Gutherz and Maximilian Marx, backed by an American named Lazarus Straus, an importer in New York City (he owned Macy's in 1887). Originally Oscar and Max would only decorate china but eventually started making their own porcelain pieces.  Their mark was a red circle with the words "Marx & Gutherz - Carlsbad" and the word "Austria" outside the circle.  Oscar’s brother Edgar bought out Marx in 1898, and the firm became O. & E.G., (Oscar & Edgar Gutherz).  They changed their hallmark to a green wreath with the word ‘Royal’ in the middle and "Austria" at the bottom.  (Altrolau, Bohemia is now Stara Role, Czech Republic).

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