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Candle Wick Trimmer Scissors, Carved Brass, India, Vintage

Candle Wick Trimmer Scissors, Carved Brass, India, Vintage

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  • Pattern:  Vintage Candle Snuffer / Wick Trimming Scissors, Carved Brass
  • Made in India
  • Vintage: 1940 - 1950 (estimated)
  • Details: Exquisite carvings make this brass wick trimmer and snuffer uniquely special.   This one is made of solid brass with beautiful hand carvings all over the piece.  This was the traditional shape for all snuffers up to about the early 20th century when the bell-shaped cone at the end of a long handle that you are used to using today, (actually called extinguishers), became the norm.  Brass and steel were the most used metals to manufacture snuffers, this one is made of solid brass.  The bottom is smooth and it is carved with: "India CSS6".  Really a unique and lovely piece in perfect condition with authentic patina.  We like the patina on these old items but not everyone does, we're sure it would sparkle if properly cleaned. 
  • Material:  Indian Brass
  • Dimensions: 6.5 inches Long, 3.5 inches Wide (at widest point, when closed)
  • Condition:  Vintage - Used.  Excellent Condition.  There is no rust, no scratches or dents, great working condition.  Please review all pictures and make sure you love this item before purchasing, we can't accept returns.  Please remember these are VINTAGE and ANTIQUE items, they are NOT new, every effort has been made to show scratches, wear and tear and imperfections. 

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, the snuffer is a metal implement used to extinguish the flame of a candle, generally in a form of a scissors (to snuff the flame and cut off the wick). Candle wick trimmers have been around from the early 1200's to 1500's, however, Christopher Pinchbeck the Younger is credited with inventing the snuffer scissors and being patented by him in 1776 in England.  His device looks like a pair of stunted scissors with a raised round bowl atop them. The idea was to snip the wick, which was caught in the bowl and extinguish the candle safely with no soot or wax on the walls from blowing, and keeping the hot wicks from setting anything on fire.  The Pinchbeck snuffer was so popular that there was even a poem written about it in 1777.  Traditionally, all snuffers, douters, and extinguishers were made of brass, copper, or pewter and many were elaborately engraved. That tradition, of creating a functional work of pewter art, continues in modern candle snuffers today.

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