Teacups Japanese, Yunomi Style, Kabuki and Geisha, Ceramic, Set of 4, SOLD


Teacups, Japanese Yunomi Style, Kabuki and Geisha, Ceramic, Set of 4




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  • Made in Japan
  • Not Vintage: circa 2011
  • Details:  We were unable to identify these cups and don’t believe any are vintage however, they are so beautiful, and the designs so well done, we decided to bring them to you.  These are the tall, handle-less, Japanese Yunomi style tea cups.  They weren’t originally a set,  we put them together not only because the cups have the same look and feel, but also because the designs are of traditional Japanese culture and work well together.  One is the Kabuki actor and the other the Geisha women, who were also depicted in Kabuki performances.  Each piece is ceramic with the design on one side and a red rim.  The Geisha cups have a red maker stamp and are signed, but we were unable to identify them.  One retains its sale sticker showing that it was sold at the Navy Exchange store circa 2011.  The Kabuki design cups have gold accents and are also signed.  The detail on these cups is truly outstanding, great pieces for a chinoiserie collector or as bar decor. 
  • Material:  Ceramic
  • Dimensions:  4.5 inches Tall, and 3.0 inches in Diameter.
  • Condition:  Used.  Excellent Condition.  There is one tiny flaw in the paint on the kabuki actor cup, please see last picture.  Otherwise, there are no chips, cracks, or scratches on any of these pieces.  Gold is in excellent condition.  Please remember these are USED items, they are NOT new. Every effort has been made to show any scratches, wear and tear and imperfections. Refunds will not be given unless there’s gross misrepresentation of condition. 
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Kabuki originated in 1603 when a woman named Izumo no Okuni began performing a special new style of dance that she had created.  Although it started as dance, kabuki eventually evolved into a full-blown theater of stylized Japanese dance-drama.  It has a dark past involving prostitution, which is why in 1629 the government banned women from performing. But its golden age started in 1673 when Kabuki began to have a formal structure and kabuki theaters began to catch on. Unlike most plays, these lasted all day from sunrise to sunset. The art of kabuki is a fascinating reflection of Japanese culture.

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