Water Glass / Goblet, Park Lane Pattern by Colony Glass, Set of 7


Vintage Park Lane Water Goblet, Pattern by Colony Glass


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  • Pattern:  Park Lane - Clear (Discontinued)
  • Made in Ohio, USA by Colony Glass Co.
  • Vintage: 1957 - 1970's
  • Details:  This stemmed water goblet/glass is part of an extensive collection of glassware made by Colony Glass and later continued by Indiana Glass Co (both part of the larger Lancaster Colony Corp).   This pattern is very similar to the Cape Cod pattern and we've seen a lot of confusion online.   These are pressed glass and feature beautiful dots/ovals and arches in the pattern as well as a very beautiful footed square base and a very nicely faceted stem.   These are NOT depression glass.  These were meant for serving water, however, we think they make excellent juice glasses, dessert glasses, and even white wine would look lovely served in these.  If Cape Cod glassware is really what you are looking for we have those in stock as well.   Please feel free to browse our site for more barware.
  • Material:  Glass
  • Dimension:  5 1/4 inches Tall, 3 3/8 inches in Diameter (top) and 2 3/8 inches at the base.
  • Condition:  Vintage - Used.  Excellent Condition.  There are no scratches, cracks or chips except for normal wear.  Please remember these are VINTAGE and ANTIQUE items, they are NOT new.  Every effort has been made to show any scratches, wear and tear and imperfections.   Refunds will not be given unless there’s gross misrepresentation of condition. 
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The Park Lane pattern was introduced in 1957.  This was just shortly before the 1961 merger of 5 different glass companies which included Lancaster Glass (which had already purchased Indiana Glass Co), and Colony Glass Co.  The merger resulted in a new company being formed the "Lancaster Colony Corporation".  This pattern is also attributed to Indiana Glass Company because they continued to use many of the Colony Glass molds and manufacture patterns under their own name (still as a subsidiary of Lancaster Colony Corp) for several years.


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