Bowl, McKee Glass, BAND / Colonial with Diamond Band / Plymouth Thumbprint Clear


Vintage McKee Glass Bowl, BAND / Colonial with Diamond Band / Plymouth Thumbprint Clear


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  • Made in USA 
  • Pattern:  BAND / Colonial with Diamond Band / Plymouth Thumbprint Clear
  • Antique Pattern: first seen in the 1859 McKee catalog on an urn with lid as Band Pattern.  The bowl may have been released later circa 1920's - 1930's
  • Description:  It is rare to find such an old item by McKee Glass in such great condition.  This is a pressed glass bowl in their "Band" pattern.  This pattern is also known as "Colonial with Diamond Band" and more recent pieces like a glass basket in this pattern is listed as "Plymouth Thumbprint".  We are not experts so we've listed all the names in case you're interested in more than just a beautiful bowl and are a McKee collector, you have all the information we were able to gather. The pattern consists of three main parts, diamonds on the bottom half, large circles (or thumbprints) on the upper half and a lace edge.  It is a the perfect size for a large serving bowl, or for storing fresh fruits on your table or simply on its own as a gorgeous piece of decor.   If you're a McKee collector, this is a great piece, very old, that will stand out in your collection.
  • Material:  Pressed Glass
  • Dimensions:  3.5 inches Tall, 11.0 inches in Diameter 
  • Condition:  Vintage-Used.  Excellent condition.  There are no cracks or chips on this piece, however, there are small scratches on the bottom and around sides, we believe they are acceptable based on the age of the piece and normal wear/use.  PLEASE SEE PICTURES before purchasing.  There is no cloudiness on this piece.  Please remember these are VINTAGE and ANTIQUE items, they are NOT new.  Every effort has been made to show any scratches, wear and tear and imperfections.   Refunds will not be given unless there’s gross misrepresentation of condition. 
  • Shipping is included on every order with some exceptions.  See FAQ's for exceptions.

McKee Glass Company was founded in 1853 in Pittsburgh, PA and was originally named McKee and Brothers Glass Works.  In 1901, the National Glass Company took over the factory and ran it as McKee Glass until 1904.  In 1904, National leased the factory to McKee-Jeannette Glass Company. In 1908, the company reorganized and became the McKee Glass Company.  Between 1904 and 1915, McKee Glass Co. introduced a series of high quality pressed glass imitations of cut glass, they had 21 different patterns in the original line with the most popular being their Aztec line.  They continued with this "Pres Cut" line until about 1927.  In 1951 they became McKee Division of the Thatcher Glass Co. until they were bought out by the Jeannette Corporation in 1961.


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