Cracker Server Vintage Avon Kitten with Basket, Ceramic


Vintage Avon Kitten with Basket Cracker Server, Ceramic



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  • Sold by Avon 
  • Made in USA
  • Vintage circa 1980's
  • Details:  This is a very cute collectible from Avon.  It is a cracker server, but you can fit a stick of butter or use it for pencils in child's desk or to collect lots of other small items.  It features two adorable blue eyed white kittens hanging on both ends of a wicker basket.  The basket is made to look like it's lined with a napkin and the napkin is decorated with little cherries or apples.  All in a high gloss glaze.  There is no maker's mark but based on research we know it is Avon.   There are a couple of condition issues, please see below.   If you are an Avon collector, this will be a very nice addition to your collection.  Great gift for a cat lover, beautiful as part of a kitten themed baby shower!  
  • Material:  Ceramic
  • Dimensions:  8.5 inches Long, 3.0 inches Wide and 3.0 inches Tall (to the top of the kitten's ear) 
  • Condition:  Vintage - Used.   Very Good Condition.  There are two chips on this piece, they are both very small, one on one kitten's ear and the other on the other kitten's ear.   PLEASE SEE PICTURES before purchasing.   Please remember these used items, they are NOT new.  Every effort has been made to show any scratches, wear and tear and imperfections.   Refunds will not be given unless there’s gross misrepresentation of condition.
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For more than 80 years, Avon has been selling health and beauty products, personal care, jewelry, perfumes, clothing, and many other items.  Sometimes they package their products in beautiful decanters and other glassware that have become a favorite of collectors.  In the mid 1960s, Avon began producing novelty containers for perfumes.  Collectors loved the new products, and Avon began creating more collectibles to draw in their customers.  Although most of the collectibles have lost value today, there are still many collectors and many others who value the nostalgia these pieces have and the beauty they bring to their homes.  We read recently that Avon will be doing away with their collectibles, or at the very least reducing the number of collectibles that will be entering the market.   I can only guess, that for Avon, this is a strategy to increase demand in the future for a more limited supply of these wonderful items.

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Dimensions 10 × 6 × 4 in


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