Decorative Plate, The Chickadee, “Birds of Your Garden” Collection by Encyclopedia Britannica- Knowles w/Box


The Chickadee, “Birds of Your Garden” Collection by Encyclopedia Britannica Limited Edition- Edwin M Knowles with Box


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  • Pattern: "The Chickadee" by Kevin Daniel
  • Vintage: 1986
  • Made in West Virginia, USA by Edwin M. Knowles 
  • Details:  This is a limited edition,  fine porcelain collector's plate series exclusively created by Kevin Daniel for the Encyclopedia Britannica.  It is called "Birds of Your Garden" and it ran from 1985 - 1987.  Each plate in the collection depicts a different variety of birds, this one is called "The Chickadee", it's plate #5303 1 and it's the 4th plate in the series.  It has a deep green background with two beautiful chickadees on branches of what looks to be a Dogwood Tree loaded with red berries, a favorite of the chickadee.  There are some beautiful brown leaves on the branches which makes this a great Fall as well as Winter and Christmas decoration.  The plate is signed on the bottom right by Kevin Daniel.   The back has all the information regarding this collection.  There are no holes drilled on back so you will need a plate hanger or stand.   It retains its original box from the Edwin M Knowles China Co. and it's in good used condition.  A great gift for any bird lover, bird watcher or your favorite ornithologists.  If someone is trying for a Big Year challenge, this may be a very appropriate gift as well.
  • Materials:  Porcelain
  • Dimensions: Approx 8.25 inches in Diameter.  Box: 9.75 inches Long, 10.75 inches Wide and 1.75 inches Tall
  • Condition:  Vintage - Used.  Excellent Condition.  There are no chips, scratches, or crazing on this plate.  The box has some wear but it's in good used condition. Please remember these are VINTAGE and ANTIQUE items, they are NOT new.  Every effort has been made to show any scratches, wear and tear and imperfections.  Refunds will not be given unless there’s gross misrepresentation of condition. 
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Kevin Daniel grew up in Minnesota and always had an interest in painting but it was his passion for nature that led him to concentrate on wildlife art.  Originally wining awards for waterfowl paintings, as his confidence grew he branched out into many other wild animals.  He's an outdoors man and enjoys fishing and camping which brings him closer to his subjects.  This versatility earned him national acclaim.  He has won several honors and awards such as:  "Best in Show" in the Kansas City National Wildlife Art Show, Oklahoma Wildlife Festival, and the Minnesota Wildlife Heritage Foundation Art Show. Kevin has also won "Artist of the Year" by the North American Limited Edition Dealers and the Minnesota Wildlife Heritage Foundation. He is a two-time Minnesota Duck Stamp winner as well as a United States Art "Hall of Fame" inductee.

The Edwin M. Knowles China Company was started in Chester, Virginia and was in business from 1900 to 1963.  Edwin Knowles determined that his firm would manufacture only the finest semi-vitreous ware and his reputation for creating quality products became known throughout the industry.  As the company grew, they expanded and opened a second factory in Newell, West Virginia in 1913.  This became their sole location after the 1931 sale of the Chester location.  Although the company was renowned for its high quality dinnerware patterns, such as Yorktown, Potomac and Vitreous they eventually closed their doors in 1963 due to competition of lesser quality, less expensive goods.  In 1982 another company bought the rights to the Knowles name and produced collectible plates during the 1980's and 1990's.  These plates depicted beautifully hand painted scenes from movies, wildlife and artist's works.  The original Knowles plates are highly sought after by collectors and can sell for $1,000.


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