Mugs, Chinese Wanjiang Majolica Mugs, Henriksen Imports, Set of 2, SOLD


Set of Two Chinese Wanjiang Majolica Mugs – Henriksen Imports 



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  • Pattern:  Floral, Leaves and Mushrooms
  • Made in China
  • Not Vintage: 1996
  • Details:  This is a beautifully produced set of Chinese mugs made in the Wanjiang district of Guangdong province, in the Majolica style.  They were imported by Henriksen Imports.  The colors are a very soothing with white flowers, green leaves, dark brown mushrooms and on a light brown background. The handle is cleverly designed as a trunk coming up to meet the branches that are covered in beautiful white flowers cascading down the side of the mug.  They have a gorgeous, high shine glaze both inside and outside that makes these pretty stunning to look at.  It is marked with a potter's stamp on bottom that reads:  "Wanjian China".  One of the mugs still has its original  Henriksen Imports label.  Many consider these reproductions, or "fakes" but they are not trying to decieve, all wares are clearly marked Made in China to let you know this is not the original, and pricey, Italian Majolica of years ago, but in our opinion, just as beautiful.  Also, the bottom of the mug is not glazed, another signal that this is not European Majolica.  Every Wanjian piece I've seen so far has a hand painted number on the bottom, these have "44" but we don't know the meaning or purpose of these numbers.
  • Material:  Majolica
  • Dimensions:   3.75 inches Tall,  and 3.5 inches in Diameter and 5 inches Wide including the handle
  • Condition:  Used.  Excellent condition.  There are no chips, cracks, or scratches on these pieces.   Please remember these are USED items, they are NOT new. Every effort has been made to show scratches, wear and tear and imperfections. Refunds will not be given unless there’s gross misrepresentation of condition. 
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Majolica, (also spelled Maiolica), is a specific way to make a ceramic piece.  The piece is prepared by tin-glazing earthenware and firing it a second time.  After the first firing, the bisque is dipped into a bath of fast drying liquid glaze. When dry, the newly glazed piece is hand painted. A final firing at 1690° Fahrenheit will make the glaze interact with the metal oxides to create the deep and brilliant translucent colors that Majolica is known for.  This last firing is what makes Majolica unique to other ceramics and it originated in the Middle East in the 9th century and traveled to Spain and Italy where it became very popular.  Today the word Majolica is used to refer to ceramic ware in the stylistic tradition of the Italian Renaissance.

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Dimensions 5.0 × 3.5 × 3.75 in


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