Beer Glasses Pilsner, Budweiser Select Red Crown, Set of 4


Budweiser Beer Glass / Pilsner Select Red Crown Set of 4


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  • Pattern:  Budweiser Select Red Crown Logo
  • Made in USA
  • Details:  These are the Budweiser Select Red Crown pilsners which, according to experts, the shape is meant to reveal the color, carbonation of the beer, and the broad top helps maintain a beer head.  They are tall and slender, they taper at the bottom and have a heavy base/foot.  These pilsner glasses can be used for many types of light beers, including pale lager or pilsner.  Although we've seen a lot of Budweiser glasses for sale, we have encountered very few like these.  Great for your next poker party or get together.  Great gift for a Budweiser lover or for your beer glass collection.
  • Dimensions:  8 inches tall
  • Condition:  Used.  Excellent condition, no chips or scratches.  Please remember these are Used items, they are NOT new.  Every effort has been made to show any scratches, wear and tear and imperfections.   Refunds will not be given unless there’s gross misrepresentation of condition. 
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